Parents improve Oregon Dept. of Ed’s bad opt-out form

OptOutKidsMany have had their fill of ODE not getting it with the right to opt-out (and thinking people who do get it are ignorant) and have modified ODE’s  ill-considered form with humor and made a FAR superior product. You’ll have to look closely, the humor and truth is throughout, but you’ll find this worthwhile! Download the mock form here.

On how to actually opt-out, go to our “How to Opt-Out” webpage on this site.



5 thoughts on “Parents improve Oregon Dept. of Ed’s bad opt-out form

  1. There is a much better test made right here in Oregon. NWEA has a test “Measure of Academic Progress” that is reliable and valid, has active/current norms from all over the country, cheap and easy to use and is scored automatically and instantly. It is valid to take several times a year, and gives a lot of important and useful diagnostic information SO THAT TEACHERS CAN ACTUALLY HELP IMPROVE SCORES by actually teaching! Schools should get all their parents to opt-out and then simply use this test, and report its results. Billions saved and plenty of “accountability” in a way that can really help teachers and students.


    • Well as a matter of fact, I support the idea of schools being able to use whatever nationally normed tests they wish to evaluate their teaching success. I used the MAP tests in two different school systems and found it far more helpful than the state tests, if less helpful than curriculum-based measurement that I really like. But the important point is that schools should have the freedom to choose whatever the school thinks is best. The NWEA’s MAP is an example of an inexpensive, off-the-shelf test that could be used. I don’t have stock in NWEA and your “feeling” as though I do is simply an ad hominem attack rather than illuminating the drawbacks of the test.


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