Steve Buel takes on The Oregonian over high-stakes testing

Steve Buel
Steve Buel

A letter to the editor that Steve Buel, a school board member of Portland Public Schools and a co-founder of Oregon Save Our Schools, sent to The Oregonian. Alas, The Oregonian has become a lousy paper in recent years with a weird and irrational urge to insist its editorial board, consisting of education amateurs, always knows better than teachers how and what to teach. Here’s the letter:

School testing: Regarding “Low-income students are still waiting for Brown’s leadership,” (Aug. 31): I am amazed by The Oregonian/OregonLive’s continued editorials suggesting the testing we are doing is both important and good for underserved children. Neither is the case. The tests we are using tell teachers hardly anything about their students since the teachers can’t even see the tests or the specific questions children missed or got correct. And the students whose precious school time needed for learning is most negatively impacted are often underserved children.

I am at a loss to understand why the editorial board can’t see this corporate reform, money-making sham for what it is.

I grew up around dairy farmers and know the cow doesn’t get bigger if you measure it. You have to feed it.

Steve Buel

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