Smarter Balanced lessons not screened for sexually-charged ads

KimKardashianFrom a teacher via our Send Your Story webpage:

So, we received our SBAC [Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium] lessons we have to teach before the 5 day writing test. There are 3 websites I had to show the kids, so I created a document so all I’d have to do is click and not have to type in the address. I checked out the first one, fine.

The second one had links to articles on orgasms and 10 things men wished women knew about sex at the bottom, and the third one was blocked by the district. I notified the district and they unblocked it. That one had ads all over with large bosomed, scantily clad women (10 Famous Wardrobe Fails!, Kardashians! etc.). I notified our VP and she sent screen shots to IT. They said they “blocked” the ads, but no, they were still there. Then they blocked the site again and claimed that hackers put in inappropriate ads.

So, word to the wise: when you receive your lesson, check the ads (all the way to the bottom) so there are no unpleasant surprises. Also, SBAC should be ashamed – I cannot believe that outside sites are part of the test and that they AND our district didn’t vet the resources.

3 thoughts on “Smarter Balanced lessons not screened for sexually-charged ads

  1. All they care about is who gets paid, not whether kids learn or whether they are exposed to inappropriate material. Follow the money on this ridiculous testing. I’m sure it goes to a large testing company that backs Republican candidates! I’m sure there are a few blue dog Dems in there too.


    • If you truly “follow the money” and put even the slightest bit of effort into it, you might not like what you find. Research companies like McGraw-Hill, AIR, and ETS. Learn the role they played in developing these tests. Then take a little more time, maybe even two minutes to find out who their friends are politically. Take a minute or two to research the connections that Bill Gates and Rupert Murdoch have with these tests. What do you think their political leanings are? The fact is, Common Core standardized testing is bad for teachers and our children. It’s one problem that parents and concerned citizens can stand together in fighting no matter what political party you identify with.


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