Oregon’s high-stakes testing at the expense of school funds and student stress

Oregon is facing an expensive absurdity where the state itself expects between 60-65% of students to not pass the new Smarter Balanced Assessment test taken statewide this school year.

These tests don’t help teachers improve instruction in the classroom. The results are too vague. Do you think the Smarter Balanced Assessment has been proven to work anywhere? No, it has not. It’s a new program, yet several states have felt pressured to pay for the test and new computers and to waste even more time prepping students for these tests instead of regular teaching instruction. Students are overwhelmed and frustrated.

We have a new blog post at Oregon Save Our Schools that covers a great deal about why opting-out of high-stakes testing is so important.

Why is Oregon doing this? One big component: testing companies need more student data. Students are guinea pigs. Testing companies get to use our students to put their product on trial — at the expense of taxpayers, money not going into the classroom, and children feeling stressed and demoralized.

We need legislators and elected leaders to see these efforts as the boondoggle they are. Please contact them. At the very least, opt-out your student to show this system is not acceptable, and you will not allow your child to become a guinea pig.

We need school libraries reopened and school librarians restored. We don’t need more testing-only computer labs and classroom instructional days lost to high-stakes testing and test prep.UnfundedLibrary

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