Who wrote the high-stakes Common Core? Not teachers.

A lot of the test-and-punish approach to recent education policy comes from business interests and the wealthy just feeling like giving things a whirl. It has not been shown to work in public education. Mercedes Schneider on her EduBlog takes a revealing look into the 24 people who wrote the Common Core “State” Standards (CCSS). Among her observations:

My findings indicate that NGA and CCSSO had a clear, intentional bent toward CCSS work group members with assessment experience, not with teaching experience, and certainly not with current classroom teaching experience.

We at Oregon Save Our Schools view the Common Core as the mildest (yet still harmful) part of a sales package, created by business interests, with an eye on selling us new computer testing systems, curriculum kits, student data systems, and trainings that no one really needs. Among the fundamental problems with Common Core is that it is expensive.

Where we stand on the Common Core, and how it affects the culture of high-stakes testing.


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